Datasets Template

How to create a template for datasets? Currently, we can do dashboard templates in our automation using api but the tricky part is any changes on the dataset (parameters, calculated field, filters) is not adapted to the dashboard template. Hence, this causes a lot of issue on the dashboard wherein columns are not available.


Hi @Mark_Anthony_Ching
If I understand the issue, you create copy of a dashboard from a template but still point to the same dataset. Now, when your dataset changes, it impact the newly deployed dashboard.

Please confirm.

Typically, before you create a copy of the dashboard, you create copy of the dataset as well and then point the new dashboard to the new copy of the dataset. Please refer to the below content porting section in QuickSight Admin workshop. you can always use API but the workshop shows the sequence of steps to create a copy of the dataset. Basically, you use describe-data-set api and use that as input to create-data-set.

I also recommend you to explore Assets Bundle API: Automate and accelerate your Amazon QuickSight asset deployments using the new APIs | AWS Business Intelligence Blog