DataSource Timeout issue


I have QuickSight setup on Account A, data-warehouse in Account B. Between those account, we have VPC peering and VPC Connection setup successfully. Data-warehouse uses PostgreSQL Aurora Serverless V1.

I can create datasource successfully. However, when create dataset from this datasource, loading schema list usually got timeout, event that it has only around 10 schema. After a few try, I can load schema and table list, but Direct Query for a medium table still got timeout.

Thank you.

Hi @ttka - Welcome to AWS QuickSight community and thanks for posting the question. Couple of things you can check

  1. When you are select a data set from postgres table, are you able to see sample data from Data preparation page . If yes, that means QuickSight is able to connect Postgres Database ( which is in VPC-2) and fetch the data and show to you. So there is NO issue in connectivity.
  2. Please check the postgres database whether any request is coming from QuickSight or not, you can see it from database sessions ( database admin) or system view should those details. Also check the timeout parameter set in the postgres db level. If you are able to see the quicksight session, this also confirm no issue in the connectivity.
  3. If there is NO problem in the connectivity, are you using custom sql to extract the data from postgres, if yes can you please check the sql performance in postgres data base directly ( via a client tool) and see the data volume and performance of the sql. If you are having any join, ensure you should not have any M:M relation which indeed created a cartesian join.

If you have a simple query, connectivity is there and still having timeout issue, i will suggest raise a ticket to AWS Customer support team and provide the request ID so that they can extract more details around it.

Regards - Sanjeeb