Date and Number Formatting

Is there any way to use parameters to set format of date and number field.
My use case is I want to display embeded dashboard in different regions. Based on the region I want to change thousand and decimal separator for number fields and corresponding date format.
Using calculated fields will create too many calculated fields which is not feasible in my case. Further we have formatDate function which we can use in calculated field but there is no function to format number field as per my knowledge. So formating number will require some string manuplation which will make the field as string or is there any way to achive format number in calculated field?

Creating different columns in DataSet for each region will have impact size.

Any suggested way to achive this?
Although we have Apply language Format corresponding to number/date field, but i don’t want to do that manually for each field.
Any way to do this for all fields programmically i.e. describe analysis definition and modify the json somehow so that when i create dashboard out of that modified json is will be based on language i set during creation of embed url?

Hello @Saurabh , welcome to the Quicksight community!

To my knowledge, you won’t be able to achieve that functionality in the Quicksight console. My recommendation is to use Cloudformation to deploy your analysis/dataset/dashboard to the different regions.

@duncan, With different regions, I didn’t mean different AWS regions, I mean users with different regional settings in one region i.e. what i want to achieve is based on user language, change formatting of number and date fields. Sorry for the confusion as my question was not clear. Updated the question now, any further suggestion?

Hey @Saurabh, I’m sorry about the late reply!

For this use case then, two options come to mind for me, if you are willing to try direct query you could use parameters on the dataset level to try and make those adjustments depending on a selection by your user in the dashboard. The other option is using a mixture of calculated fields and the free-form layout and the rules based parameters to change what a user is seeing based on a selection for their region.

Ultimately, I think the quick selection for changing how the data looks based on region doesn’t exist in the console so I can mark this as a feature request for the Quicksight team.