Date Drill Up/Down Aggregation

I have a snapshot dataset that is similar to this:
date, amount, grouping, category
1/1/2023, 100, a, red
1/1/2023, 500, b, blue
1/2/2023, 200, a, red
5/1/2023, 300, c, red
6/15/2023, 100, a, red

I’d like to have a stacked bar chart with the date on the x axis, amount on y axis, and a group by category. Because this is a snapshot dataset, if I put the amount in the value slot and use sum aggregation (to account for when there are instances of multiple categories) it works fine when the x axis is set to days, but if I use the drill up feature to look at it at a higher level, it sums all data in that time period.

I’m assuming I’ll have to go the route of parameter/control to select the time period, but what’s the best way to pull the sum of amounts only from the first date of that time period?

@daniellem - Welcome to the community! Thank you for posting your query. Can you please provide more details around it e.g. what you are currently getting in the chart and how you would like to get it based on the sample dataset that you have given. That would allow us to replicate the scenario properly at our end. Thank you!

have you tried using the sumOver function with your date field and the category as partitions?