Date filters not working correctly

I´m using the date format DD/MM/YYYY

In my filter if I select april 6th 06/04/2022, it filters the data for June 4th 06/04/2022
it seems that QuickSight is confusing the date formats, i could change the format but i have 100+ dashboards so that change is not an option

I select april 6th

It changes to June 4th

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Hello @Alejandro_Nathanael,
When you create a filter or control using a date type you have to pick the format.
For example, in this case I selected the format DD/MM/YYY:

You can change the format here:


Yes, I´m using the correct format DD/MM/YYY

It´s been working great for the last 10 months, but this week it started to fail


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I have the same problem, it worked before and started to malfunction recently with DD/MM/YYYY formats

In this case (it was working and it stopped suddenly), I would suggest to open a support ticket. I have been testing it on my side and it is working. I will also share your case/message with my colleagues from product team.
Thank you for your contribution,

This issue was fixed. Let us know if you are still experiencing it.