Date format for date field with null values in preview

Hi Team,

We have a large dataset that has around 2 million rows, in this dataset there are multiple datetime fields. Intially when loading data from S3 the datatype for all the fields are string. We need to convert the data type for respective fields. In the preview we see a set of records that dont have a single value for couple of columns, these columns are all datatime. When we set the date format for such columns it would give message that the format is not valid.

WE filtered the dataset small set of records to include records that have these values, but it would still show record that have empty dates in preview and would not apply the date format that is present in the fields.

Could anyone suggest a way to set the date format to columns that dont show dates in the preview.

Unfortunately you will need to create a calculated field for each datetime that parses these strings into dates at the dataset level.

I am marking this as a feature request because we’ve had issues with this as well.

Unless you are able to load it in a specific way to show these datetimes in the preview then it isn’t possible which is unfortunate.

Hi Max,

That is what we eventually ended up doing created a Calculate column using the actual date column and then converted it to date field.

Thanks for your response Max.