Date Format Quicksight


I’m trying to create a “period” parameter to my dashboard, which changes the date displayed in my Line chart graph. It will show "Jan, “Feb, Mar…” if I click “Month”, “Sunday, Monday, Tuesday”, etc., when I click “Day”. In the code, I’ve created a parameter called “period” which has a radio menue and a calculated field that changes depending on the radio menue button. The problem is that when I click “Hour”, the option doesn’t change to hour and just appears as a day.

the same for “Minutes”. what I do wrong?

Thanks for the advance.

Hi @Noys

Based on your description, it seems like there might be an issue with the configuration or logic of your “period” parameter and the associated calculated field. Here are a few potential reasons why the option doesn’t change correctly when selecting “Hour” or “Minutes”:

  1. Check the parameter values: Double-check the values assigned to each option in the radio menu of the “period” parameter. Ensure that the values are correctly set to represent “Month,” “Day,” “Hour,” and “Minutes” respectively. For example, the value for “Hour” should not be the same as the value for “Day.”

  2. Review the calculated field logic: Examine the logic of the calculated field that determines the date display based on the selected “period” parameter value. Make sure that the calculation accurately maps the parameter values to the desired date display formats. Verify that the logic differentiates between “Hour” and “Day” options and handles each case appropriately.

  3. Check the visualization settings: Ensure that the Line chart graph is configured to use the calculated field derived from the “period” parameter correctly. Confirm that the visualization is set to display the appropriate date format based on the selected “period” option.

  4. Validate the data: Verify that your dataset contains the necessary granular data for the desired date display. If you are trying to display data at the hourly or minute level, ensure that the dataset includes data points at that granularity. If there is no data available at the desired level of granularity, it might appear as if the option doesn’t change correctly.

By reviewing these aspects, you should be able to identify any misconfigurations or logic errors that may be causing the issue. Make the necessary adjustments to the parameter, calculated field, and visualization settings to ensure that the “period” parameter correctly reflects the chosen option and updates the Line chart graph accordingly.


Thanks @Blenner for replying to these questions :slight_smile: