Date not recognized in upload

Unable to change date. Uploaded from Excel.

Data is in Excel file. Date is formatted as Date prior to loading. I’ve tried using parse, but data does not appear.

Thank you for reaching out. I am able to format my sample data(see screen capture below). Could you please share some sample data to better assist you?


I am marking this as a feature-request.

I have had a similar issue where I uploaded data from Excel that had a date field (with sparring data, most of the rows where NULL) and it didn’t recognize any rows my source data. No matter what format I put in, it would give me this error. It may be because it’s only looking at the initially loaded data?

Have you tried ordering your excel by that date and then importing it again so maybe the non NULL fields show up first?

Let me know if that works. But for now I am going to mark this as a feature request.