Date Parameter and Relevant Values

In my dashboard I have different visuals with different set of dates.
For example: on the top my KPIs are the last 2 years, a couple of visuals are last 13 months and an other group of visuals are the current month.
I have 2 different dataset both of them have the field date_month (YYYY/MM)
Except my date filter on the control area, i have 2 other filters (again parameters) string type both of them. Let’s say FilterA and FilterB. both of them are connecting with the same dataset
I am connecting these 2 filters with the relevant values option like FilterB relevant values only to FilterA.
What i need is sorting out the FilterB according to Date parameter, otherwise i got historical data in my dropdown. Is any way that i can do that? I tried to use the simple date filter but something like that is not working, according to my needs

Thank you :slight_smile:


check this videos. this will help you :slight_smile: