Date Parameter and Relevant Values

In my dashboard I have different visuals with different set of dates.
For example: on the top my KPIs are the last 2 years, a couple of visuals are last 13 months and an other group of visuals are the current month.
I have 2 different dataset both of them have the field date_month (YYYY/MM)
Except my date filter on the control area, i have 2 other filters (again parameters) string type both of them. Let’s say FilterA and FilterB. both of them are connecting with the same dataset
I am connecting these 2 filters with the relevant values option like FilterB relevant values only to FilterA.
What i need is sorting out the FilterB according to Date parameter, otherwise i got historical data in my dropdown. Is any way that i can do that? I tried to use the simple date filter but something like that is not working, according to my needs

Thank you :slight_smile:

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check this videos. this will help you :slight_smile:

Hello Naveed,
Thank you for the video and your response
But, mainly i need to see how can i connect 2 parameters. one parameter is a date parameter and the other is a simple string dropdown parameter.
How can i connect these 2 for the moment the date parameter isn’t connect with a dataset?
Because of the above question, the string parameter presents historical data (3 years ago) that i don’t need them. how can i sort out these

Hi Sofia,

For the global filter/across the sheet use the paramater with the SAME DATA TYPE.
I mean parameter type should be the same on both datasets.

String and date not possible, you can convert String to date if the date is in date format.

Naveed Ali

Hi Sofia

You cannot currently use a date control as a source of relevant values for a string control. I have flagged this as a feature request.

Converting the date to a string value would allow you to filter the values in the other control, but if you are using this to also control the data in the visuals, then you would only be able to display data for the selected date, you would not be able to use relative values and show data for the previous n months for example.

There is another workaround which is to add a table for your second control. That WILL allow you to filter values based on your date control. You can then filter your visuals based on a user selection from that table. However, if you have an excessively large number of values this may not be an ideal user experience for your dashboard readers.



Is the feature being considered in future release? Date as parameter is still cannot be used on relevant values for other control filters,


@Asem @Ashok is this feature still in queue ?

@DylanM maybe you can look into these. I hope this can be added as a feature on the next releases.

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Thank you everyone, it would be great to have this feature.
Mach apricated your effort.


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Hello @Sofia-Bourika, and thanks for tagging me @Mark_Anthony_Ching, I don’t have information regarding a release on this, but I will once again tag this topic as a feature request. Let me know if you have any further questions, otherwise I can archive this topic for our support team. Thank you all for your feedback!

Hello @Sofia-Bourika, since we have not heard back with any follow-up questions, I will archive this topic for our support team. Thank you!