Date picker in EST

Is it possible to have the date picker(Start and end date ) in EST only? I had changed the analysis setting to EST but the issue I am encountering is upon validation that the payment issued date is in UTC (in database)but in dashboard shows EST, so we are have a mismatch in dates and count.
The parameter set for start and end date for the date picker was set to default to yesterdays date. But, after 7pm the date picker shows the next day, which is not the purpose here and thats the reason why I changed the anaysis setting to EST, but now having issues with payment dates mismatch. Kindly help!

Hi @ghegde

Once we choose timezone as EST in analysis and publish it as Dashboard. All the datefields including Parameter Date Picker will be showing timestamp in EST . And i checked in the query generated by QuickSight and user selected timestamp (in EST) are converted to UTC and applied in the SQL as shown below in the screenshot.

Defined two parameters StartDate ( As relative date to yesterday) and EndDate (As relative date to today) . And current time is 28-Dec 9:18PM EST and relative date parameters are correctly loaded as 27-Dec for Startdate & 28-Dec for EndDate

Please check the where condition of the SQL , startdate and enddate are converted to UTC (added 5 Hours ) and applied in there where condition.


Please check and let us know , and provide screenshot with examples if you still seeing it as an issue.