Date/time imports & Row level formulas from Salesforce Reports


I am looking to import Date/Time fields from a Salesforce Report into Quicksight but for some reason when it imports the column returns blank data for that field.

I am basically trying to create a Business Hours field on the report to filter out data that is outside of these hours. I can create a row-level formula on the salesforce report and apply the filter to it, However every time I create a row-level formula, even when it is not added as a column to the report, the import does not work and returns 0 lines of data.

I understand there is a function on Salesforce for Business hours, however, this has never been set up and from what I have read you can’t filter out business hours on reporting anyway.

Is there any way to import date/time fields into QuickSight from a salesforce report or to be able to use row-level formulas in a Salesforce report without having any import issues?

You should be able to import date/time fields. You might need to cast them in quicksight.

However, you cannot use row-level formulas in a salesforce report in quicksight. It is not supported yet.

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