Datefilter with last available date of previous year and current date


I want to show the data as pivot table with date filter. The date filter should have two dates. One should be last available date from previous year and second one is filter date.


Based on above data, If I select 7/1/2022 in Control of date filter. Pivot should show only 8/1/2021 and 7/1/2022.


You will need to use Parameters to do this.

  1. Make a Date parameter and add a control for it. Then make a calculated field which looks like this:
    ifelse({order date}=${Date} OR {order date}=addDateTime(-1, 'YYYY', ${Date}), 1, 0)

  2. Then add a filter on that field, with no aggregation, and set it equal to 1.

Thanks for the solution, It worked.