[Dates] Why timestamp by default


I would like to understand why date fields in QuickSight are formatted by default as a complete timestamp (dd/mm/yyyy HH:mi:ss).
Is it possible to have only the date format (dd/mm/yyyy)?

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You can select the more formatting options and remove the hours, minutes and seconds. Sample screenshots below.

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I meant in the data set creation screen.
Each time I’m working with dates, QuickSight add a time section whereas in my data source, there is no time.


@Valentin_Davy QuickSight data type is of datetime, so we append it automatically. I’d love to understand the issue this is causing to your use case.

Thank you for your reply @shailesh !

It can be disturbing to see hours displayed (even if it’s “00:00:00”) when the source field is just a date.

Do you think this default formatting of datetime will be a little bit flexible and add a simple type date?

Yes, agreed, it is an annoyance. We do plan to add just date as a data type format in the future.

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