Dealing with "empty" cells in QS

I need some guidance how to replace the “empty” in my QS tables to an alternate text. I’m using a SQL Script for my dateset. I just can’t get my SQL Syntax to work.


Thank you!

You can replace empty values with custom text by changing the formatting of each field by going to “More formatting options…” from this menu

Is the question about italic “empty” in the image below?
Screen Shot 2022-01-06 at 2.57.55 PM

If you want to replace empty strings with something else, you can create a calculated field with expression similar to
ifelse(Column1=’’, ‘Hello World!’, Column1)

What darcoli said can only be used to customize how null is displayed.

If your question is about something else, can you please attach screenshot ?

Thanks so much! I just tried this. There is no button to Apply or Save? So, nothing changed. Am I missing something obvious?

I’ve a script that break the main column for my LABELS Table into individual columns ( see header ). I’m trying to figure out HOW to show those blank/null/empty cells with an alternate text ( “Not-Captured”) so I can filter those and report on them, see screenshot in redboxes…

From your screenshot it seems that you have an empty string in your fields. The solution by Tatyana should work for you :wink:

@Tatyana_Yakushev thanks for your suggestion. What am I doing wrong here?

Replace quotes around “Not-Captured”. (Microsoft office often replaces quotes with other characters, not the ones expected by expressions in QuickSight and other products)

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