Debugging subscriptions and emails not sent

I am investigating why I’m not receiving emails for a dashboard.

I have two published dashboards. They are folder member in the same shared folder, and my user is part of a group which has DescribeFolder permissions to this folder. For the record, the datasets used are in a different folder shared with report author, but not with this user group.

If I log in as that user, I am able to see and access these two dashboards. I am also able to subscribe to the reports, by choosing this for the menu. I even get a “Subscribed to report” message when I do this.

However, when the schedule is running, I am only receiving one of these reports. After testing and debugging even with CloudTrail API events, I have noticed that only one of these subscribing events are being logged in CloudTrail with Event name “RequestAccessToDashboardReport”.
When I unsubscribe, I get “DeleteAccessToDashboardReport” for both events. If I repeat this, same thing happens.

Quicksight user interface tells me everything is OK. Missing logging events suggests that report A will arrive and report B will not. Dashboard owner receives both emails, and I’ve already checked spam folder.
How can I continue debugging from here?


Based on your message you have done quite a bit of the debugging and root cause investigation. From here, this sounds like an issue that we will need more information to dig into.

Here are the steps to open a support case so that we can help you further: Creating support cases and case management - AWS Support. If your company has an internal IT team, you might not have direct access to AWS Support and will need to raise an internal ticket to your IT team. They’ll open an AWS Support case on your behalf.


I was able to find the cause, and I would suggest this is a bug in QuickSight.

It seems that when the checkbox Send email report to all users with access to dashboard is checked under Select recipients, users who only have implicitly access through a shared folder are not able to subscribe to a dashboard. These users are also not receiving the emails as they don’t have been given explicitly access to that dashboard.

When I untick this option, both “RequestAccessToDashboardReport” and “DeleteAccessToDashboardReport” API operation is logged to CloudTrail. The user is presented by the same OK message when subscribing, independently of whether the checkbox is checked or not.