Deduplication of rows + if statement on paramter

Hi, I want to deduplicate my rows below (using ID) to get the total amount for each project

ID date Amount Project
A 2023-08-13 2 AA
A 2023-08-13 2 AA
B 2023-08-10 3 AA
B 2023-08-13 3 AA
C 2023-08-13 2 BB
C 2023-08-13 2 BB

To do this, I would usually just do something like this: Deduplicated_Amount = min(Amount,[id]). Then, I would use the aggregation of a visual to add everything for a given project.

However, now, I need to only sum rows that have a date after the parameter date. I created a parameter and the calculated field I got so far looks like this:

Rows_after_date = minIf(Amount,{date} > ${DateParameter}).

However, I need to add a deduplication component to this latter calculation (using ID). Any idea how I could do this? I am not sure how to deal with the order of operations here.

Hi @mateoleon210,

Can you try this?
min(ifelse({date} > ${DateParameter}, Amount, null), [id])