Default datetime control for refreshes happening mid week

I have a weekly updating dashboard, the dataset refreshes on Wednesday and grabs the previous week data (Monday-Sunday). Now, if I use the datetime control as , end of last week. This will work after the dataset is refreshed after Wednesday. However, on Monday, the dataset is not refreshed, but the default will still be last week Sunday and data is not present.
How can I solve this issue so that, on Monday & Tuesday, dashboard still displays the correct range of data, last last week, and on Wednesday, it starts to display last week of data.
Thank you!

Hi @zoomjin ,

Can you try using dynamic default parameter value for this case?
I recall working on a similar case where we created a dataset for fetching reporting date range, set to refresh at the same frequency as the dataset refresh. And redirect the default value to this date from the dataset.


Thank you Prantika! Your solution help me to resolve the issue!