Deriving Dimension C from two other derived dimensions

Hi - I have two dimensions - Dimension A, Dimension B both of which are derived by joining datasets with the main dataset. I need to come up with a third dimension, Dimension C which will be combining Dimension A + Dimension B so that I can use the Dimension C to get the entire list and filter based on this Dimension C. How can I get a Dimension C from Dimension A and Dimension B?


Hello not sure I understand this correctly are you perhaps looking only to concatenate those fields?

Like Concatenating Dimension A(ie. Product) and B(ie. Category):

If not could you give us an example if possible of the nature of the Dim A and Dim B? and what would be the expected filter with Dim C you have in mind?

Thanks for the response. With calculated fields i cant use that as a filter.

Dim A
SPMS ID Sponsor Group
1234 Datadog
5678 Cisco

Dim B
Sponsor Name Sponsor Group
“Netflix, Inc”. Netflix
“VMware”. VMware

I want Dim C to return the entire list of sponsor names : Datadog, Cisco, Netflix, VMware so that i can filter on the names like “VMware”. And then i want to break that dimension with other dimensions like region, event etc

Calculated field wont let me use that new field as a filter.

Is there anyway to achieve this?


I am not sure I understood 100% is Dim C a container for your Sponsor Group ?
What I mean is if you need to list all the Sponsor Groups from you dimensions A and B and use it as a filter, is my understanding correct?

If sponsor group is on a column on its own I think it is not a problem to create a small table and use a filter action.
If sponsor group is not a column on its own then you need to extract that part of the string and save it as a new dimension

So Sponsor Group would be your common Key between Dim A and B , something like this?