Describe-analysis-definition also available in eu-central-1?


Just tried the describe-analysis-definition:

aws quicksight describe-analysis-definition --aws-account-id ***** --analysis-id **** | cat

However, response is :

usage: aws [options] <command> <subcommand> [<subcommand> ...] [parameters]
To see help text, you can run:

  aws help
  aws <command> help
  aws <command> <subcommand> help
aws: error: argument operation: Invalid choice, valid choices are:

cancel-ingestion                         | create-account-customization            
create-analysis                          | create-dashboard                        
create-data-set                          | create-data-source                      
create-group                             | create-group-membership                 
create-iam-policy-assignment             | create-ingestion                        
create-namespace                         | create-template                         
create-template-alias                    | create-theme                            
create-theme-alias                       | delete-account-customization            
delete-analysis                          | delete-dashboard                        
delete-data-set                          | delete-data-source                      
delete-group                             | delete-group-membership                 
delete-iam-policy-assignment             | delete-namespace                        
delete-template                          | delete-template-alias                   
delete-theme                             | delete-theme-alias                      
delete-user                              | delete-user-by-principal-id             
describe-account-customization           | describe-account-settings               
describe-analysis                        | describe-analysis-permissions           
describe-dashboard                       | describe-dashboard-permissions          
describe-data-set                        | describe-data-set-permissions           
describe-data-source                     | describe-data-source-permissions        
describe-group                           | describe-iam-policy-assignment          
describe-ingestion                       | describe-namespace                      
describe-template                        | describe-template-alias                 
describe-template-permissions            | describe-theme                          
describe-theme-alias                     | describe-theme-permissions              
describe-user                            | get-dashboard-embed-url                 
get-session-embed-url                    | list-analyses                           
list-dashboard-versions                  | list-dashboards                         
list-data-sets                           | list-data-sources                       
list-group-memberships                   | list-groups                             
list-iam-policy-assignments              | list-iam-policy-assignments-for-user    
list-ingestions                          | list-namespaces                         
list-tags-for-resource                   | list-template-aliases                   
list-template-versions                   | list-templates                          
list-theme-aliases                       | list-theme-versions                     
list-themes                              | list-user-groups                        
list-users                               | register-user                           
restore-analysis                         | search-analyses                         
search-dashboards                        | tag-resource                            
untag-resource                           | update-account-customization            
update-account-settings                  | update-analysis                         
update-analysis-permissions              | update-dashboard                        
update-dashboard-permissions             | update-dashboard-published-version      
update-data-set                          | update-data-set-permissions             
update-data-source                       | update-data-source-permissions          
update-group                             | update-iam-policy-assignment            
update-template                          | update-template-alias                   
update-template-permissions              | update-theme                            
update-theme-alias                       | update-theme-permissions                
update-user                              | help                                    

Invalid choice: 'describe-analysis-definition', maybe you meant:

  * describe-analysis-permissions

Wondering what I do wrong?

Hi @BFJonk,

That command is a recent addition, and it isn’t listed in the help message you posted, so could you check which version of the AWS CLI is installed? Please run the following command to check the version of your installed CLI:

aws --version

If you do need to upgrade, instructions can be found here.

Thanks for your question, let me know if that helps.


aws -- version
aws-cli/2.0.62 Python/3.9.0 Darwin/22.3.0 source/x86_64

so I’ll update and try again

aws -- version
aws-cli/2.10.2 Python/3.9.11 Darwin/22.3.0 exe/x86_64 prompt/off

aws quicksight describe-analysis-definition --aws-account-id ***** --analysis-id **** | cat