Describe_analysis does not populate correct dataset names

Whenever I run the describe_dataset cli, it is giving me old names of datasets. For example, when we first built the analysis/dashboard. we titled the dataset “test_dataset_rev1”, but we’ve replaced that dataset several times since then, but the cli json still says it is using “test_dataset_rev1”. Is there a solution to this?

Thank you.

Hi @matthew.fahy - This is an interesting one. I ll try and replicate in my account because I haven’t experienced this before. Is there anything peculiar about that dataset? Do you experience the same thing when exporting other datasets?

Also, your title mentions the describe-analysis API but in the description you say describe-dataset. Which one is it?

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It occurs with multiple datasets, not just one.

And it is describe_analysis, apologies.

@matthew.fahy I’m still working on your question. In the meantime to get you unblocked can you check if assets-as-bundle APIs work for you?

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Our team is able to use those.

I submitted a support ticket as well. They confirmed that the names of the datasets are not being updated in the datasedeclarations, but the dataset arn’s are. I’ve created a temporary workaround that relies on the arn instead of the name.

Hello @matthew.fahy, were you able to get the dataset names to update or are you continuing to reference the dataset arns instead? I wanted to check if this issue was resolved before closing out the topic so please let me know if there are any updates!

I’m still relying on the ARN. no update otherwise.

Hello @matthew.fahy, when you replaced the old datasets did you manage that in the CLI? If so, what method did you use? That may be the best route to debugging the issue you are facing.

We replaced through the UI in the analysis. We have not gotten the update CLI’s to work for us. we keep encountering errors and have opened several tickets to help with that front. Still working on it though.

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Hello @matthew.fahy, I would say to continue referencing the datasets by the dataset arns for now then. If you are able to resolve the issue with help from Customer Support and have a few moments, it would be awesome if you could post a new topic with the information you learned.

For now I will go ahead and archive this question topic. If you have any other QuickSight questions, please post a new question topic so you will be at the top of the priority list for a response from one of our QuickSight experts. Thank you for the valuable information and good luck!