Describe-asset-bundle-import-job not reading credentials

Does anyone know why the import job isn’t reading my credentials? First screen shot is my import bundle command with credentials, second is the result of describing the import and the credentials bracket being empty.

Please check the following:

  • The DataSourceId in the override parameters matches the datasource of the source account.
  • Make sure there is cross region connectivity. It looks like you are creating this datasource in us-east-1 that connects to an RDS instance in us-west-2.

I suggest creating a test datasource in the target account/region with the same parameters and verify the connectivity.

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The datasource does match and have verified the connectivity. Do you know why the command isn’t reading the credentials I’ve provided?

Please follow this troubleshooting guide for connectivity issue:

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The describe call will redact the credentials as it’s not recommended to send back passwords and keys through APIs

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