Detailed tool tip

detailed tooltip is not working. I am getting error saying that table table calculation attribute reference are missing in field wells. I am creating a bar chart which shows two years information month wise and putting this tooltip which displays YOY value in the bar chart

Hi @bhumika18s
you are trying to put a field into tooltip without the calculation reference.
E.g. if you are using “customer” in the calculation QS expects “customer” in the visual as well to know what to calculate.

Let me give more details here :-1:
I have a column called order_date, in the chart I am displaying sales for each month year-wise. The expectation is to see sales for each month every year…so there will be two bars side by side let’s say for Jan month in different colors- one for 2022 and another for 2023. So, I have created two separate calculated fields where I am extracting month and year from the order date. In a verticle bar chart- put sales in the measures field, month in the dimension field, and year in the group-by field. Now, when creating a calculated field for the tooltip to display sales change in last year’s month and this year’s month. created a formula PeriodoverPeriodLastValue(sum(sales),order_date, YEAR,1) but when I put this field in the tooltip then get an error table calculation attribute references are missing in field wells.

Hi @bhumika18s, It sounds like you don’t have direct reference to the order date column in the visual/chart. You have derived month and year as two independent columns and PeriodoverPeriod is referring the base order date column.
Can you add month, year and sales columns to a table view and share a screenshot? Also share how you derived month and year value from order date.


I cannot add base order date in the visual as the vertical bar chart (visual) can only accept one field … Like I mentioned earlier - on Measures I am putting amount, on the x-axis I am putting months and in the group, by field, I am putting Year. Formula to derive Month and Year:-
Month = Extract(‘MM’,Order_date)
YOY = PeriodOverPeriodLastValue(sum(amount),Order_Date,YEAR,1)
diff= Sum(amount)-YOY
Table view looks like below