Determining Dataset Ownership

Hello, I am tasked with updating an existing team dashboard, but I do not have permissions for a few datasets that are used in it, and thus far have no been able to identify the owners. Is there an easy way that I can find out who owns these required dashboards? My goal at the moment is to duplicate the existing dashboard so I can make changes in a safe environment and leave the existing one as-is in the meantime.

@JALIXAND - Thank you for posting your query. You can get in touch with your QuickSight Administrator and share the dataset names. Your QuickSight Administrator should be able to share the datasets with you as Owner/Viewer so that you can take it forward from there.

On another note, you can call the describe_data_set_permissions() programmatically via CLI or SDK for a particular dataset to gather the users and their associated permissions. Whoever will be having the “quicksight:DeleteDataSet” action associated with, can be considered as that dataset owner.

Hope this helps!