Developer Corner on the QuickSight Community: 2023 Amazon QuickSight Learning Series

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The new Amazon QuickSight Community now hosts a Developer Corner that offers centralized access for learning about QuickSight’s embedded analytics capabilities. The new Developer Corner landing page ( ) serves as the main gateway for Application Developers to explore tools and solutions, as well as ask questions and get answers from the QuickSight Community.

The Developer Corner features these resources for learning about embedding dashboards, visuals and Q&A into your apps, websites and portals:

  • Getting Started – Learn about embedding analytics via QuickSight
  • Demos – Explore embedding in action with Demo Central and Developer Portal
  • APIs + SDK – Dive deep into documentation and expedite and customize your embedded analytics
  • What’s New – Check out our embedded analytics blog posts and find out what’s new
  • How-To Videos – Hear from our experts about embedded analytics
  • Developer Q&A – Ask embedding questions, and search for answers

Explore the new Developer Corner.

Reach our Principal Solution Architect and Developer Advocate @Srikanth_Baheti.
Also, connect with our new Community Liaisonfor the Developer Corner @jbernz.

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