Different colors in visual between Analysis and Dashboard

I have a simple visual using two horizontal bars in a chart

I assign 2 different shades of blue in my Analysis to the bars


When they are displayed in the published dashboard, both bars are the same color


would you be able to open up the legend in the analysis and see what comes up? If you have multiple fields in the “Values” box. Or something in the “Group/Color” box that is different then your “Y axis” that would probably be the easiest explanation for this result.

OK Thanks for your help

I found if I right click on the bar in the analysis and set Chart color \ Data color, this seems to work OK

glad you were able to get to what you were looking for! yeah as shown there the light blue color represents “Total Invoice Count” rather than ON TIME or LATE. So from your second screenshot in your first post I would infer that there was 1 late invoice and and 1 on time invoice. I assume the dark blue bar is measuring something else.