Dimensional Model Row Level Security

Is it possible to apply row level security to a QuickSight Dimensional Model?

I have a Star Schema similar with one Fact table and several dimensions. I need to apply row level security to restrict access to the different product lines. The field that allows a user to view Monthly Sales by Product Line is located in the Product Manager Dimension.

I applied the row level security using a file that contains two fields; username and product_manager. The username field is populated with data with the following pattern johndoe@mydomain.com.
The product_manager is populated with data with the following pattern: Nutrition, Hardware, …

Once, I applied the row level security all data disappeared and the following message is displayed:

Here is my Star Schema:

Can you go to the Manage Users page and check that the username in the first column is the same as what’s in your file? The username in QuickSight isn’t necessarily the same username that’s in your application.


Thanks @David_Wong . Another point, it is case sensitive as well. If user_name are matched with the RLS table and data table, data will filter out by RLS capability. Please check @ROBERT_J_ESTEVES and revert back if you are still facing the issue. However you have provide the details very detail level and thank you so much for that.

Regards - San

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@Sanjeeb2022 @David_Wong Thanks All, I just check Manage users section and you are correct about both issues.

  • The first column needs to be [Username]
  • The values are different from the email.

Thank you all for your assistance and support.

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Thanks @ROBERT_J_ESTEVES … Good to hear, the issue is resolved. Please marked the post as solution.

Happy we are able to help you.

Regards - San