Direct query and parameters, dashboard and multiple users


I want to create an analysis, then a dashboard. This dashboard should use direct query and will be used be multiple users.

I want to create a parameter that will specify an account_id so we retrieve only information related to this account from a Redshift cluster.

Here is the question that I need to understand. In a situation that two users open the dashboard at the same time and specify a different account_id, are they going to see a dashboard for each account_id? is this possible, or user2 only will visualize the parameter(account_id) specify by user1?

My expectation is that both user can work independently, each with a different account_id.


You need to create a dataset with all the Accounts. After that you need to a Row Level Security on user accounts. This will perfectly work for your data partitioning :slight_smile:

This video may help you

You can follow this document too.

Naveed Ali

Hi Naveed,

Thank you for the answer.

Ok! I just checked the video. However I havent worked previously with RLS and I need to ask again my question from a different point of view.

  1. All the users should have access to all the account_ids. We dont want to restrict this.
    1.1 Did you mention RLS because you thought we want to restrict the access?

  2. I am also thinking that you answer actually help to resolve my question, but I need to make sure that we are both seeing the same scenario.

By steps, this is what I want to achieve(only 1 dashboard exists):

User1—>Open Dashboard–>Filter by account_id1–>directquery–>dashboard is updated with information about account_id1. User1 will work on the dashboard with only information about account_id1(visuals, tables…)

User2—>Open Dashboard–>Filter by account_id2–>directquery–>dashboard is updated with information about account_id2. User2 will work on the dashboard with only information about account_id2(visuals, tables…)

In order to achieve this, we need to implement RLS? Not sure if you can elaborate a bit more your answer.

Thank you! I really appreciate it.


Yes this will be solved by RLS, based on our requirement account1 user must see his/her data and account2 must see his/her data.

This case is mostly applied on Regions, Counties, Cities etc. for the sales forces.

This will solved by RLS.

Naveed Ali