Direct query in amazon quicksight

I have athena as my datasource in which I’m querying from s3. in s3 data is put every hour and from that I query through athena and put in Quicksight. The problem here is data is very huge 4 mil records every hour for each date. In this case, I cant use spice engine. how would I need to use direct query in this case and keep 60 days worth of data in my dashboard ?

Hi @Kaushik_Damarla

This question may be difficult to answer through the community forum, because we need to look into the use case and come up with alternative design approach by slicing data into part of current day vs historical and design the visualization. I will message you privately to discuss possible solutions.


Hi @Kaushik_Damarla - Welcome to AWS QuickSight community and thanks for posting the question. I agree with @Ashok , the solution depends on many factors. Can we start implement an ETL before writing to Athena, possibly a solution will be Glue.

Looking forward the solution recommended by Ashok, please share with community so that we all can get some idea from that.

Regards - Sanjeeb

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