Display a string from a data source in visualization header

Lets say I have a table with the following structure which is generated from a SQL query datasource:

A             03/23/23 01:40PM
A             03/23/23 01:40PM
B             03/23/23 01:40PM

Note that the runtime column is a string, not a date. Also note that in this example, runtime will always be the same for all rows as it is populated via a sysdate call in the source query.

I know that I can easily create a bar chart with counts of GROUP but what I would like to do is display the RUNTIME column in the visualization header. To do so, I tried creating a parameter from the RUNTIME column, adding it to the sheet, and then to the header but it always show up as ‘all’.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Hi @Dominic_J_Contreras, yes unless you set the parameter to a specific value it will show ‘all’. If you are embedding the dashboard you could set the parameter value and pass it to the dashboard, but you’d need to make sure you read the data in the application to get the date. You can see how to pass parameters here on the How to customize it tab
If you’re not embedding, you could use an Insight visual, using Maximum as the computation type, and then display it above the chart. Custom Insights are described here If you’re using free form layout you can place it over the chart so it looks like the header.

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