Display and Style String Values the same way as Numerical Values

In addition to visualizing data in various ways, my dashboard needs to report back by-the-numbers, profile summary-level data as large, standalone facts and figures based on a single filter. The KPI visual works great to this end when taking in numerical values, but is unable to display string values. the only way i have been able to show a relevant string value for a data set is within a table, which does not work because I am unable to style these the same as the KPIs in terms of font size, etc. showing all of this information as a table does not work either because it is too small.

Using parameters seems to be the simplest way to display textual data, but there is no way to use this unless there is a corresponding control. How can i display the standalone string value of one particular field based on a filter of another field?

Hi @jtroxel
should you share a sample what you would like to achieve with such a “string KPI”?

@ErikG i would like it to look like this, but each showing fields that have string values or numerical values

But you could/should a sting valued KPI look like?

something like

@ErikG yes exactly, thank you

Did you check the insight visual?

@ErikG I did and im not sure how to make that work for my case because the only way i can see is to use parameters, similar to text boxes, which only returns “[All]”

@ErikG for example, users need to filter data by organization. so i have a control that filters by organization. all visuals will be filtered according to this control. I would like that filter to control whatever string value is displayed in the “Organization Type” field of that filtered organization.

And an organization only has one organization type?
e.g. you want to filter on “Store 17” and you want to show “Deluxe Supermarket”
Is that what you are loooking for?

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@ErikG yes! thank you, exactly like this.

The “select store” is a filter control.
The “store type” visual is just a filtered table visual

@ErikG thanks, but this is something i have already tried and abandoned since there is no way to make the font bigger or style this (setting the cell to “extra large” has no effect and just lacks a lot of much needed precision, typographically speaking) in a way that is similar to the KPI visuals.

This data really needs to look exactly like the other numerical data in order to maintain the information hierarchy. and simply converting all of this data to filtered table cells is not the best due to the miniscule font sizes and lack of formatting and typography options unique to tables in quicksight.

@jtroxel i added two more option. But somehow you need to find a workaround. As you would like to fit a string into a KPI.

@ErikG Thanks, if i can figure out how to implement this insight version, that might work, but right now i am only able to get it to display “[All]” for my version of your “store_type” parameter.

I looked at your filters and noticed you are not in fact using a parameter, and i am unable to recreate this result with these same filter settings:

I also looked into the “customize narrative” settings in your example and found this code, which i am having a hard time tracing to any data properties within your analysis or available quicksight expressions.

You parameter is set to “all”?!

I used a filter on store (see filter control) to filter the other visuals as store and store type are in a 1:1 relationship.

For the insight, I used a bottom3 suggested insight with store type and removed all code except of the part you see.

@ErikG , i was not familiar with the “computation” feature for the insight visual or the ability to loop through data in this way but i figured out how to add a block For loop with your code in my version and it is working as expected now. I was not expecting this level of technical skill required to achieve this kind of result but this has been a learning experience! Thanks!