Display Data Label based on Control

I am trying to dynamically show a data label based on what the control in my dashboard is set to. For example, my control is for Users and I have a scatter plot with various users and I want the data label only on the selected user.

Here is a visual:

I was able to only show one data label using the Group/Color option but since the values change based on the control I wanted to know if there is a dynamic way to do this.
Please let me know if more explanation is necessary.

This is currently not possible.

You can change the color.

Here is the selected value name.

And then I colored the visual to make Z. Selected be red while the others are grey.

Max this is great! Color was my second choice! Thanks a bunch.

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@Max Hi, do you think this could be made a feature request? As of now, Iā€™m forced to create duplicates of my dashboard with and without labels, so a toggle would be incredibly helpful!