Display data monthly/quarterly/annually filter

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I’ve tried google and YouTube, and searched this community, but haven’t been able to find a solution yet.

Is it possible to create a filter so that our end user can select whether they would like the data in the visuals to be displayed monthly, quarterly, annually (or even weekly if needed)?
For example, right now we have an episodes per month visual:

And while I can change this to quarterly in the analysis stage, I don’t have this flexibility once it has been published.

The second part of this is if the 429Dateofadmission is missing, I would like to then use another field 415DateofarrivalED and include a count of those records. If both of those fields are missing, then the record won’t be included in the count.

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This post solves that and much more!

Essentially you’ll need to create a parameter and trunc your dates based off of your parameter.

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@Max Thanks. I was following the steps in the article.

Copied and pasted this script:

However, instead of using Adjusted Order Date, I’m using my relevant field (Adjusted Admission Date):


And I’m getting an error?

@jotg What data type is your PeriodStarting and Adjuested Admission Date?

Have you tried to redo the calculation? Sometimes it errors out and you need to just create a new one.

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Hi @apjvinod I’m trying to work my way through this. Still not there yet, but can close this for now. Thanks.