Display Hierarchies in Quicksight

Hi everyone,
we always have one requirement for which we don’t have any solution: To display a cost center Hierarchy (to navigate through the data) Is this possible in Quicksight? (Parent-Child Relationships for one characteristic?)

Thx and regards

Where exactly do you need to show the hierarchy?

QuickSight shows hierarchies differently in different places. When you use Pivot Table visual, you will be able to see hierarchies with ability to expand and collapse dimension values.
In other visuals, QuickSight shows a single layer of the hierarchy with ability to Drill Up or Drill Down.

To define a hierarchy you need to add columns into the same field well (e.g. add Country, then add State, then add City)

PivotTable for example.

One characteristic cost center. I would like to show a (virtual) hierarchy.

Cost center A
   - Cost center F
Cost center B
   - Cost center C
        --Cost center D
        --Cost center E

Is this possible?


Today, in pivot table, different levels of hierarchy are displayed in different columns. Here is an example

Does this approach work for your needs or do you need something else (e.g. show all levels of hierarchy in a single column so that table takes less horizontal space. This is not available yet but is currently planned).

That approach works because you have your hierarchy in discrete columns. What the OP was originally asking for sounds more like a straight forward tree, where each node in the tree refers to it’s parent. I would upvote that because many of us dealing with say Salesforce Account data are dealing with heirarchies of accounts we want to visualise.

Also on your Pivot there, it’s really messy in QuickSight at the moment as you can’t fold in and out like you can with Hierarchies in Tableau:

At the moment you always see the columns you’ve said you aren’t interested in when you folded up at higher levels.


Great! Do you have a timeline for that?


We can’t release our timelines, but you can keep an eye on what we release here: Announcements - Amazon QuickSight

Are you able to confirm if we will have the option to add hierarchies that are not related to location?

It is something we have planned for in the roadmap, but we can’t make a commitment as things can change

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great, thanks for the update

Hi Hannes,
We are adding a similar feature to our pivot tables towards the end of this year where you would be able to visualize parent-child hierarchy.

This are great news!Thx and regards Hannes

@Bchadha Hi. Has there been any progress made on this feature request yet?

@Bchadha @Tatyana_Yakushev - I just received a similar hierarchy requirement. In addition, I need a Filter of a “tree” type allowing the user to easily navigate the hierarchy whereby nodes can be opened and closed - like a file explorer.

Following on this, the visual would need to filtered by the selected filter node showing all data relative to that node in hierarchy down. Pivot tables and cascading filters will not cut it.

Any status update or design pattern you can recommend until such feature?


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