Display the value of one row when the other row is true

I am building a dashboard where I need a formula to display the value of one row specific to one column when the other column set as condition is true.


Ex: I need to display “8” in “Req Data” field. I want the formula wherein I specify “xx3” and “8” is displayed in the entire field.

This can be accomplished with firstValue / lastValue

It might look something like this.

[ ifelse({action}=‘xx3’,1,0) DESC ]

I think this is what you’re looking for. Let me know if it helps.


I just checked this and found few issues:
“Value” field is obtained from many different previous calculations. Hence if I try to add the same in the formula mentioned it gives me a “nesting of Aggregate functions is not possible” error.
I guess firstValue cannot be added along with my “Value” field.
Also {action}=‘xx3’ comes TRUE only for 1 instance and will be FALSE for the remaining fields in “Value” thus the same will not be displayed in the entire field.

Can I have a formula which gives me the {Value} of {Action} for xx3.
Maybe something like ({Value}={Action},xx3) where only the {Value} of xx3 is selected and display for the other fields as well.
I have also tweaked the formula a little bit (removing the sum as my {Value} is an aggregated field) but the corresponding {Values} for each {Action} is displayed.


Hi @Swathi

When you say selected do you mean like a parameter?

You can add a filter that would filter only to xx3.

Or you can say like ifelse(${param}=‘xx3’,{Value},NULL)

Is that what you’re asking?