Displaying more than 60 rows of data in 1 table at one time

At the moment it seems impossible to display more than 60 rows of data at the same time.
You can’t drag the table to expand to more than about 800 pixels - which is really limiting. (And at the same time there is no option to reduce the count to be 50!)

My client would like to view 500 rows of data in 1 table without having to scroll the wheel in the internal view of the table view. This would also massively help with the “Print as PDF” functionality - as currently it is impossible to actually produce a PDF with 500 lines of data showing in a table.

Anyone had anything else similar to produce, and any workarounds suggested?

Hi @Stoods - Welcome to the Community!

Here is a workaround you can use to get multi page printouts – however it’s through the use of multiple visuals/tables.

Step 1
Create a calculated field using Rank or DenseRank

Step 2
Create your table and duplicate for as many pages as you need. (I used 2 for this example)

Step 3
Filter the visuals for the number of rows that will fit on a page. 1-39, 40-79, etc.

PDF Download:


@robdhondt - Thank you so much - awesome workaround :+1:

@robdhondt - So just one issue left!!!
So I have the rank displaying - tick!
However - the only way it works is to set all of the other fields in the “group by” field well, and the rank field to be in the “value” field well

Now all works fine doing that - but…
Now I don’t get the option to do a “between” as a filter option :frowning:

Now - I can add a customer filter, and put to only include 1,2,3,4,5,6,7… etc
This works - but not “elegent”!

Not sure how you got your ranking to be a “between”…

Hi @Stoods - You wouldn’t know it by the name but DenseRank and Rank can use LAA.

You can use something like
Rank([rankby ASC], [], PRE_AGG) .

This should solve your needing to have the fields in the field well and the between option.

Fingers crossed this gets you all the way there. Good luck!

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So this is fine until you want to add any filters :frowning:

Its all very close to the functionality I want - just not quite !
I want the post agg ranking - just for it not to be aggregated!!! :slight_smile:

I’ll send this to the right team as a feature request. Thanks

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@lillie , We are trying to use QuickSight in place of SAP BusinessObjects where long pdf reports are the main requirements. One pdf report can be upto 150 pages long with report generation date, report title displayed on each page along with table header. Please share any information related to displaying and printing long tables.

Is there any update to this? Thanks!

Hi Liz,

QuickSight released this add on late last year. It sounds like this will solve your use case.


Cheers Grant

Yes but paying $500/m just for this improvement seems to be an overkill for me.