Displaying ranges of data on a visual

I am trying to illustrate ranges of values group by fields within a visual.

As an example, I have salespeople who sell various products at various prices. I want to then illustrate the range of prices each sales person sold each product at. The visual would look something like:

I have tried using pivot tables, where I create columns for pricing (eg $50-55, $55-60, etc) but then if the sales person only sold a product at $52 and $75, then all the intermediate columns would be blank. Alternatively, I could use a horizontal bar chart, but then I can’t show the groupings of Sales Person and Product on the axis along with count of sales.

Any ideas?

Hi @JMthinkrf,
we once built something similar as a vertical waterfall chart.
Would that work for you?

@ErikG Good idea, but unfortunately it won’t work here. Each of the groups have values (sale prices) that are independent of each other. They don’t sum up together into anything meaningful.

I’m playing around with box plots right now. There might be something there for me to work with.