Displaying Time in Minutes converted from Time in Seconds on Quicksight Dashboard?


We are importing data from Amazon Connect into Quicksight. One of the issues we are presented with is that the time data from Amazon Connect is tabulated in counts of seconds (example 179 seconds), but we need to display this information in time in minutes and seconds on the Quicksight dashboard (example 2 minutes 59 seconds). Is there a formula or function that does this?

I have referenced this article attempting to accomplish this: Quicksight: Time Conversion of seconds to HH:mm:SS - Stack Overflow

However, this leaves the data tabulated as a string and not able to be converted to a minute count on the QuickSight dashboard. Any guidance or pointers would be greatly appreciated!


Just seeing if anyone here has experience with this?

if you’re okay with it being a string field you could do something like this

Thank you, I appreciate the response! No, having it in a string does not work because we need to display the time in minutes and seconds on the dashboard; which as a string it is unable to be formatted as a time field and thereby be displayed correctly on the dashboard.

@user101 ,
I think you may need multiple calculated fields for different purpose. For instance, you may need a minute field for minute count. and another calculated field to display HH:mm:SS. you may take a look in this example

In the example you linked, you are able to display HH:MM:ss for one record at a time.

How would I display the sum({Average Talk Time}) for that dataset?