Divide 2 calculated fields in QuickSight derived from same column xyz

Hi Team,

I am trying to divide 2 calculated fields in QuickSight derived from same column xyz.
i.e. fields1/fields2 but it fails without saying anything about error. My intention is to derive percentage from those 2 fields.

Note : I could have used countIf but seems it doesn’t support condition with empty string condition

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Could you provide us an example with dummy data and the calculations that are being done ? A screenshot of the error would also be helpful.


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Can you please share the calculations used in field1 and field2. This should help us understand what the problem could be…

Hi @bipshik. We have not heard back from you regarding your question. We would still like to help. If this is no longer relevant after seven days, we will archive this question.

Hi Team, thanks for the response, i was able to figure out myself and we can close this. Division was problem as numerator and denominator were at different LAC

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@bipshik Glad you found the solution! Thanks for letting us know.

May I know what is the solution?

Hi @bipshik! Will you please share the solution?

@bipshik Can i know the solution please.

As here i want to take percentage of the values (current and 1-30) from the same column and want to add a calculated field for (current/1-30) . I want this calculation to show up as a row.

Please help


For this type of calculation usually you need to use LAC-W functions.

You need to use PRE_AGG in the numerator and PRE_FILTER in the denominator. It’s covered in this video. I put the timestamp for you.

Another more recent video about level aware calculations:

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Hi all,

Any one knows how to do a simple percentage based on the two LAC fields?
For example, I wanted to calculate the forth column/ fifth column, but QS won’t let me, because the different grouping keys. Anyone knows how to deal with it?

Hi @danddong I recommend that you re-post this as a new question so that it gets priority. (0 reply questions get prioritized above questions that already have a reply – and it looks like this is a new question.)

Hope this help! :slight_smile:

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