Do we manually pass parameter when generating an embed URL using API gateway and lambda trigger?

I need to know whether parameter should pass manually or is there any other method to pass this when I genrating embed URL using API Gateway and lambda trigger for registered users.

Hi @priyanka1,
Can you please elaborate what parameters you are referring to?

In case you are referring to parameters used within a dashboard, QuickSight’s JavaScript Embedding SDK offers plenty of ways to set and adjust them. You can specify the parameters as part of the contentOptions as shown in the dashboard embedding example. You can also use the setParameters action to modify the parameter values of an already embedded dashboard.

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Thanks for you reply @Thomas .
For example This is my embed url link “embed…” ,this url will bring us to the quicksight dashboard right!
So now I need to pass my parameter (ex:region is my parameter name and value should be “xyz”)in my embed URL .
Is this possible to pass a parameter in this embed URL link?

As you will finally use the embed URL within the JavaScript embedding SDK, there is no need (and no option) to add the parameters to the embed URL itself. The dashboard embedding example shared earlier demonstrates nicely how to pass parameters at the time it gets embedded.