Do we need Session Capacity to integrate dashboard into Angular application?


I am trying to integrate Embedded Quick Sight dashboard into Angular application and Login with Cognito.

  1. Quicksight dashboard and assigned to users with reader role.
  2. Create Coginto User pool and Integrated Angular app login with Cognito.
  3. Now When user login to angular app I want to show quicksight dashabord.

Here do we need to take session capacity subscription or reader subsrption is enough ?

Sai Ram

Hi @sairamdikondawar
user-based pricing also supports embedding. But in this case you will use user-based embedding. The following workshop can help you understand how to implement it.


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Thank you for confirming user-based pricing for embedding.

I did this workshop and able to show the dashboards.

I could not understand if I use my external application where I will get the cognito token and how to call quick site using my cognito token.

Do I need to pass this token as it to quick sight or any modification needs to be done ?

Sai Ram