Does not equal filter condition usage


Good day all.

This is my Approval table that simple holds a value of 1 for yes a 0 for no and a null for no selection. (can’t post image, new user)

When counting the number of Yes (1) values a sum works(can’t post image, new user.)

But it seems it is not possible to count the number of zeros (0):

Also tried to filter by does not equal Yes (1) (can’t post image, new user)

What is really confusing is that the filter works in a table graph. (can’t post image, new user)

Not sure this should be this hard? What am I doing wrong here? Thanks in advance community.


Hi Jarrett-
Make sure you are using the (Count) aggregation on the approval metric in your field well. I used a filter on the KPI with a condition of less than or equal to 0. The KPI visual did the appropriate counts. Including screenshot of simple example.

Hope that helps!