Does Snowflake dataset support asset-bunlde-export?

start-asset-bundle-export-job fails when I run against Snowflake dataset.

“Type”: “”,
“Message”: “The data set type is not supported through API yet”

Is this not supported at the moment?

Hi @tbdori

API actions are not supported for datasets created using File datasets. Do you have your source asset with file data set ?

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Yes. I have a dataset that is joining snowflake dataset with dataset from CSV file.
Then, what do you recommend for asset migration in this case?

HI @tbdori
Create the file dataset and snowflake dataset in the target account/region first and in the asset bundle import job, add those dataset IDs as part of override parameter.
Or you can export just the Json of analysis using describe analysis definition and update the dataset fields in the Json with Datasets created in the target account/region.

Here is the blog post for asset as code: New Amazon QuickSight API Capabilities to Accelerate Your BI Transformation | AWS News Blog

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