Does the Quicksight team share a schedule of what they're working on with the community?

Hi all, I’m pretty new to this community, and feeling a bit like a kid in a sweet shop (candy store) :slight_smile: I have no idea where to look first! So I would appreciate any tips on where to start browsing. I’ve been working with Quicksight for about six months now, having previously been a Power BI analyst for about 3 years, so making the transition hasn’t been too traumatic.

My main question though, is this: Is there a blog, web page etc. that I can visit, to find out what feature requests, bug-fixes or improvements are being worked on and will be delivered in an upcoming release? It would be useful to know, so that I don’t end up raising duplicate requests if I come across something that’s already being worked on.

Hi @Julian_S
to be honest that would be create.
But so far you will not get a list with topics or delivery dates. It exists but it’s well hidden.
Best way is to participate in QS events or User Group events. Sometimes you will get at least the what’s next.

But don’t hesitate to raise duplicate requests. More people asking about a feature will speed up the process. :wink: