Donut Chart Displaying wrong metrics


I am having issues with my all my donut charts and pie charts returning a number that’s inaccurate & higher than the total. Has anyone faced this issue before and found a solution?

Thank you,

Hi @Marie-LineF, Can you share the columns from the field wells for both gauge chart and donut chart? What is the right value for Complete and Incompleted groups? Do you have any calculated columns that you are using in these charts?


Hi @Karthik_Tharmarajan

Of course, thanks for assisting me with this. Here are the calculated fields used in both visuals. They vary slightly in order to get a string value for the Donut Chart vs. Gage chart.

At the base they both have p_id (Unique person Id , count distinct) as value and then a different calculated field for each.

Gage Chart = p_id_video_interview_or_screening_completed :

ifelse({completion_percentage} >= 100, {p_id}, NULL)

Donut Chart = p_id_video_interview_or_screening_completed_string:

ifelse({completion_percentage} >= 100, 'Complete','Incompleted')

After conducting a thorough investigation and examining the non-aggregated data, I have identified the root cause of the issue. It appears that the problem lies with QS’s inability to accurately provide the count distinct of the value (p_id count distinct). Instead, it is currently returning the count, which includes duplicates. This is certainly a disappointing outcome.