Doubt in Joining data

I currently have a dataset which is derived from athena, Lets call it tableA.
I want another tableB which should be left joined to tableA.
But i want only 30 days of data (these 30 days are in rolling fashion based on today’s date) from tableB to be joined. I could have an athena table source having only 30 days of data, but is there a way that quicksight allows me to use tableA + tableB (30days data) combination data.

Reiterating that i dont want to join the table and then apply the date filter, but rather get past 30 days of tableB data that will be left joined to tableA and the resultant dataset is what will be used in for the visulization.

Hi @Prathik - You can create a custom sql for data set A and put the filter for 30 days data and then do the join with data set B. This can be achieved in QuickSight.

Please give a try and let us know.

Regards - Sanjeeb