Download format with decimals

Hi guys, I need help, when I download the data from QS, I have to do it as a .csv file, but the problem is that when separating by commas, one of the fields is downloaded with a different format, for example: in the image I have the field called new_revenue, in QS the value is 190.11 and 197.80 when downloading the data in csv format the values are 1901098 and 1978021 respectively… if I download it in Excel I have no problems, but I need to necessarily download it in .csv, the new revenue field originates from the cc_importe field and this results from the division of the ltv_usd_revenue field by 91%… can anyone help me?


Hi Jesus, can you try the items listed below to see if it’ll resolve your issue?

  1. Ensure Decimal Places in Format → More formatting options isn’t set to auto.
  2. Use intToDecimal to convert the number to decimal.
  3. Instead of defaulting the number to 0, can you set it to 0.0?
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Thanks, it helped me intodecimal

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