Download the data from Quicksight Report Automatically

Hi Team,

Currently, I am downloading the quicksight report to CSV file on daily basis and uploading it to Workdocs. Do we have any automated way or setting a schedule form quicksight end, which downloads the file and saves it to s3/workdocs on schedule basis reducing the manual effort.

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@Sujitha, Currently exported files are downloaded to the default download directory configured in the browser that you’re currently using. see Exporting data from visuals - Amazon QuickSight


Currently, we are downloading the data from the quicksight which is in csv format. We have to do this daily to download the file. I am looking for a way to schedule this in automatic way so that we don’t rely on manual effort.

If this feature is not available for AWS customers yet, can you please let me know the work-arounds for this process such as schedule download from spice dataset?

Currently, we do not have any workarounds, however, we have flagged this to our internal team to come up with an alternative solution.

We’re having the same problem. Do you have any timeframes when you expect to provide an automated way to export data?

Hi, @Gillian_Sibthorpe Thanks for circling in. We have checked with our internal team and this continues to be on their radar.

Hi, currently having the same problem. Is there any update on this?

Hi Team, I have the same question. Could you pls have a feature to allow a user save .csv file automatically in a S3 bucket?

Hi @Prachi , any update in this regard?