Download to CSV for negative numbers not working

Hi, when I am downloading to CSV, the negative numbers are being downloaded with a leading apostrophe. For example, -12 will be downloaded as '-12

Is your number a string / part of the group fields?

I agree with Max, is the field you are trying to export a non numeric field? can you please check?

Hi, yes those are non-numeric fields because I wanted to accommodate more than 20 metrics in the view which is the limitation of QuickSight. And those metrics are mix of % values, positive values and negative values. So in the QuickSight itself I had to create another field to format those metric values based on the metric names. Is there any workaround for it?

Unfortunately that is a limit. I would look to separate these into multiple tables.

Or you could look to use some SQL and essentially group these three calculations as part of a hierarchy and then use the hierarchy as a column in a pivot table.

Something like this but replace months with groups of calculations.