Downloading the Charts/ Tables as Images

I want to download the the Charts/ Tables as Images, is there something possible?
Or is there any API that I can call to pull all the charts and tables into my Java based application?

I see only API for ListAnalyses ListAnalyses - Amazon QuickSight

Hi @kodimalar.sakthivel, you could try embedding them witḣ 1-click embedding

@kodimalar.sakthivel - If you want your report or dashboard with images that you have developed, try pagination report option. There will be additional cost but it may meet your requirement. Please see the below document link for the same.

Hope this information will help you.

Regards - San

HI @Sanjeeb2022 , @Steph ,

My use case is like, I just want to download only Charts and Tables that I have added on my Dashboard! I dont want to add any image into the Dashboard!

If there is a way to download that is fine, if not I want to pull the list of Charts & Tables that I have on the dashboard through API atleast

@kodimalar.sakthivel - Can you try the below option.


Regards - San

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Hi San,

This is for downloading the complete dashboard/paginated report, I cant just download the Charts/Tables alone

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Hi Steph,
1 Click embedding doesnt help on my case. Thank you for ur comments.

Hi @kodimalar.sakthivel Thanks. I believe such capability is not available in QuickSight now. Can you please raise a ticket to AWS team to confirm the same and if require they will put it as a feature request for future product line.

Tagging @Max @Bhasi_Mehta @Kristin @Steph @David_Wong @Biswajit_1993 @Tatyana_Yakushev for their feedback as well.

Regards - San

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Sure Sanjeeb! Thank you.

Hi @kodimalar.sakthivel and @Sanjeeb2022 I have reached out to one of the SAs on our team to confirm these capabilities/whether we need to note this for a feature request. Thanks!

Hi @kodimalar.sakthivel

QuickSight embedding API now supports Visual embedding into your application. Instead of embedding full dashboard, you can embed only the specific visuals into your app from there you can print them as images.

Or, You can try fine grained visual embedding, where you can copy the iframe content for specific visual and plug it into your app.

Let us know if this helps ?