Drill-down and action

Hello to everyone,

I have a piechart on which I have applied a drill-down. Then right-clicking on a slice of the piechart a new piechart appears, with more detailed data.
I want to link both piechart (“father” and “son”) to actions (different actions between “father” and “son”). In detail, I’d like to open a new datavisualization.
I obtained the right result for father piechart, creating an action and pasting the URL to call.
I am not able to add a new action to be called just for the “son” (tried both for “select” and “Menu option”).

Is there a way to do it?

Thanks in advance

Hi @lm_qsight ,

I have tested adding drill down and defining an action for each level and it is working. Below are screenshots.
Industry is 1st level

URL Action

Customer is 2nd level

I can right-click ( URL Tyson Foods ) will open up a google search for that customer.

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Hi @Koushik_Muthanna,

thanks a lot for your replie.

Looking at your example, within the 2nd level is it possible to retrieve the value of the selected industry?
I would need to use that value within the URL of the second level.

For example, starting from the 1st level you select “Finance” and then you want to open the drill-down for Finance. Within the 2nd level how can I know that I have started from “Finance”?

Thanks again

You can do this with parameters instead of the native drill down.